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Dynamically loaded metallic components

I have spent more than 30 years working on the fatigue life and reliability of metallic components.

In the damage analysis of dynamically loaded metallic components, the fracture pattern provides decisive information. A distinction is made between fatigue fractures and violent fractures. Due to the characteristics of the fracture surfaces, important hints can be given on the damage process.

In conjunction with finite element and crack growth calculations, it is also possible to limit the time sequence of a damage and its cause.

In the Transfer Centre New Technologies in Traffic Engineering, which I managed until 2018, we developed the winLIFE software. This software is an important tool for the reconstruction of damage processes.

Note: I am not sworn in as an expert in this field.

Picture: A fatigue fracture in the golf club caused the shaft to break during the golf stroke and the clubface to fly uncontrollably through the area. A safety-relevant damage sequence in which fortunately nobody was injured.